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“A monument of funerary art” – Marquis de Sade, A.D. 1775. The Capuchin Crypt is situated beneath the Roman church, Santa Maria della Concezione. There is no official history of its development over the centuries, but it is known that some of the soil was brought from Jerusalem by order of Pope Urban VIII. When…

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“If you want to be loved, be lovable.” Hecato of Rhodes, 100 B.C.; quoted by Seneca, Moral Epistles, epistle IX. There were five methods through which a Roman woman could legally enter matrimonium. By living with the man continuously for a period of one year; be exchanged for money symbolic of sale; marry in a…

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“There is nothing so ruinous to good character as to idle away one’s time at some spectacle.”  – Seneca A.D. 40. Gladiator matches, like chariot racing, probably originated as funeral games. Livy recorded the first Roman gladiatorial combat in 264 B.C. when 3-pairs of gladiators fought to the death in honor of D. Junius Brutus’ father….

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