Produced by

Dan Kaplow

Dan Kaplow has been actively producing for over twenty-five years, resulting in 50 television shows and 11 movies. As producer, Dan’s collaborations with DreamWorks Television have created multiple television shows and have made important producing partnerships with entertainment powerhouses such as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Dan has been Steven Spielberg’s producing partner on 3 different shows.

Dan’s latest movie is in post production. Cherry, starring Tom Holland was directed by the Russo Brothers. His last series The Haunting of Hill House garnered a worldwide audience. The series was one of the most watched series on Netflix in 2019. He recently produced Emmy nominated Hello Ladies for HBO attracting a worldwide audience in excess of 25-million viewers. Other projects include partnering with Shaquille O’Neil as Executive Producer on the new Shaq Show for Turner. He is also the Executive Producer for Sin City Saints and Netflix’s the New Mitch Hurvits show.

Dan was executive in charge of production at HBO for such shows as The Larry Sanders Show, Sex and the City, Mr. Show, The Sopranos, Barry Levinson’s and Tom Fontana’s Oz, and The Tracey Ulman Show. Adding to his arsenal of production experience, Dan produced 3 seasons of the hit HBO show Arli$$, Family Affair on the WB, Emmy Winning United States of Tara for Showtime, and Carpooler’s on ABC.

Dan is represented by the prestigious William Morris Endeavor Agency (WME). Drawing from their legendary talent, WME has been instrumental in casting Dan’s movies.

Dan brings a passion and excitement to his projects, and is thrilled to be involved with Claudia’s Scroll.

Tony Chopelas

Tony Chopelas has been consulting and producing film for the past 2 decades. As a consultant he has helped countless productions through the process of organizational structuring, producing and distributing film. As a financier he has also been instrumental in connecting multiple film projects with successful financing.

His producer credits include teen comedy Dirty Deeds starring Lacey Chabert, Milo Ventimiglia and Charles Durning; Deadtone with Rugter Hauer; The Invited starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Pam Grier; and The Legend of Wolf Mountain starring Mickey Rooney. He is slated as the Executive Producer or producer of several upcoming projects.

Tony became involved with Claudia’s Scroll after a disappointing association with another Resurrection movie screenplay. Pursuing his vision he set out to create a story that would be faithful to scripture accounts and history.

Claire Faraci Demas
Producer in charge of research and content, Claire has spent more than 13-years vetting Claudia’s Scroll. The project benefits from her 40-plus years of biblical studies, collaboration with renowned scholars and scientists, including interviews with several members of the 1978 STURP team.

Of special note is the communication with Dr. Guilio Fanti, whose groundbreaking research has dated the Shroud of Turin to an averaged general time frame of the Resurrection, and Dr. Petrus Soons for his detection of the Shroud’s three dimensional and holographic images.

Claudia’s Scroll will continue to benefit from Ms. Demas’ ongoing pursuit of supporting material. Excerpts of her work, Puzzling Scriptures, First Century Life, and Ancient Minutus Quiz can be viewed within the site.